EFL Pre-Season Peeves, What Do You Hate Most?

The Lincoln City fansite The Stacey West recently did a podcast about things that get you annoyed over the summer.

We all have something that grinds our gears over the offseason, do we not? It might be those awful EFL Hub sites on Twitter randomly linking your best player with derby, you know the ones? Even when a player calls them out, as Ben Whitfield did yesterday, they just move on to someone else that doesn’t have Twitter. It might be the lack of football, the Saturday mornings where you have to scramble for an excuse not to be dragged around B&Q to spend money on the garden.

With the Euros this summer, things are perhaps not that bad, but there are bound to be some aspects of the current domestic football scene that really wind you up, right? We had a look through the responses to the Lincoln City post and picked some that we think are relevant across the whole of the Football League. Let us know in the comments, or on social media, if you agree.

Let’s start with a favourite of mine, those fake accounts. You have all seen them, the likes of EFL_Hub or an Ex_Agent of some description making up rumours to be shared. They’re the lowest of the low, grabbing footballing simpletons by the hair and shouting random names in their face until they repeat them to their friends. You know that there’s no chance your club will sign half of the players you are linked with by these parasites, but some people just don’t get it. My club, Lincoln City, was linked with John Akinde this summer, a player we sold 18 months ago and who we would surely not target again. Why do these accounts do it? Why do people retweet them and share them? It defies logic.

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