About Us

We’re a collection of lower league football fans who got sick of going to so-called EFL websites only to find coverage of Leeds, Forest and Villa, but nothing on Walsall, Morecambe and Grimsby.

As of August 2018, we intend to become a hub for all things Football League, the REAL Football League, not the mini Premier League of the Championship.

If you want to cover you club, write featured articles or get involved, please get involved by tweeting us @thereafefl1 or finding us on Facebook.

It might take us a while to get up and running and, as we’re just a group of volunteers, it might take a while to get all the news on, but we’re committed to making sure the REAL fans get the coverage they deserve for their team.

Meet the Writers


Content Manager – Jeff Muxlow

I’m a Luton Town supporter, but have always been a fan of the lower leagues. I firmly believe that this is ‘real’ football, this is where players and fans still connect and where a club is within reach of the working classes.

The top flight and the Championship have been ruined by money and greed. Pep Guardiola’s recent comments about a B team league were naïve and ill thought out. Our structure is based entirely on the wonderful ability for the little teams to reach the top, Bournemouth a classic example. The big question these days is would you want to?

Do I want my team to kick off at weird and wonderful times every week to satisfy the Sky Cameras? No. Do I want real fans, you and I, priced out of watching my team when they start playing so-called giants? No. Do I want us to be the best we can be? Yes.

I also want lower league clubs to get the coverage they deserve in the modern world. I used to follow the72.co.uk very closely, but quickly realised they should be called the 24 and a couple of others. Nobody wants to give coverage and opinion to the smaller clubs. Why? They don’t get the views or the advert income. Simple.

We’re going to change that. we think Accrington are as newsworthy as Arsenal, we want to understand Colchester’s tactics just as much as Chelsea. We are the Real EFL.


Head Writer – Roy Thomson

I have been a Lincoln City supporter for thirty-six years, following the Imps home and away. I’ve travelled thousands of miles watching Lincoln and love the passion of football in the lower leagues. Many of the clubs have long history’s and have survived against all the odds. They continue to attract supporters through the turnstiles and provide an important point of community in many of our towns and cities.

Yet I feel the coverage of lower league football by the mainstream media is often badly researched and at time patronising. The focus tends to be on the Premier League, which I have grown to dislike over the years as a combination of rampant commercialisation, foreign ownership, the importance of television and neglect of traditional match going supporters has destroyed the culture and identity of the top flight of English football.

I’m not against change, and feel some of the developments in football since 1992 are welcome. However football not only existed before 1992 it continues to thrive and prosper outside the Premier League and the Championship, which in my opinion is fast becoming Premier League Two.

Until recently I ran an estate agency in Cambridge but two years ago I decided I’d had enough and embarked on an MA in Sport History and Culture at De Montford University in Leicester.

It was during my time studying that I discovered a love for writing about sport and football in particular.

I want to write about the lower leagues and contribute in some way to giving fans of clubs in the bottom two tiers of English football the coverage they deserve.