Peterborough promoted, Tranmere saved – Is this the way to solve the football crisis?

With the upheaval and uncertainty in the world right now, football is right down the list of importance.

However, the current football season must be finished one way or another. The one way we hope it will be finished is by the resumption of football on April 30th, but with fatalities rising day by day, football resuming seems highly unlikely, at least in front of supporters.

There may be a call for games to be played behind closed doors, an obvious option for the upper echelons of the football world. With the amount of money at stake, that seems to be the clear favourite of many, but where does the ‘Real’ EFL find itself? Sure, Liverpool might be able to settle the Premier League behind closed doors, but the National League looks set to end its season now, which could well be an option in League One and Two.

One method of separating teams in non-league that is being suggested is points per game, giving those with games in hand their advantage back. Some might argue teams who had a difficult start but did well after managerial changes could lose out that way, so perhaps points per game over a set period of recent form, say eight matches, could also work?

Both are hypothetical ideas at the moment, but we’ve crunched some numbers to come up with the promotion and relegation station in both of our divisions, should these options be enforced.

Could Peterborough miss out on a promotion? Are Tranmere able to get out of the bottom three? Can anything save Stevenage? The answers are on the next couple of pages.

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