Free Agents Sunderland, Ipswich and Charlton Could Still Snare

News that the salary cap has been quickly abandoned was met with glee by fans of clubs with a bit of spending power.

Whilst teams such as Sunderland, Charlton and Ipswich had been bound by the protocols introduced earlier in the season, they can now spend what they like on players, as long as they comply with SCMP, the rather outdated method of trying to control spending in the bottom two divisions.

The future of the salary cap is up in the air, the EFL do have options for reinstating, be it a revised proposal or by withdrawing from the PFNCC. whatever happens, there could be a small window of opportunity for clubs with means to get ahead of the game.

It is a small window too because the actual transfer window has closed, meaning free agents only are available for these clubs to approach. It does open the door for some clubs to boost their ailing squads though, and in the case of Ipswich and Sunderland, their fans might feel now is a good time to act to rescue yet another poor season.

If they choose to do that, these are the sort of players available to sign right now.

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