Top Ten League One Players on FIFA 21

FIFA 21 is due to drop on October 5th and already, players are pouring over their club’s cards to see if their favourite players have finally been given the rating they deserve.

One division we feel often gets overlooked by the statmakers is League One, but it isn’t overlooked by our. Our article Top Ten League One Players on FIFA 20 was our highest-viewed article all last year, proving you have a thirst for those silver and bronze cards. Sadly, it seems FIFA have taken to lazily dropping the ratings of teams relegated last season, rather than picking up the stats of improving players in the division.

In Legaue One this season, seven of the top ten play for relegated clubs, whilst only two players who featured in the top ten last season are back this season. Still, it is important to know which cards are the best in FIFA 21 for fans of the real EFL. All of your favourite L1 players are there and as lower league fans you’ll doubtless be hoping your favourite makes it into a Team of the Week, ripe to be purchased and maybe squeezed into a squad building challenge or a friendly against your eleven-year-old nephew (no? Just me?).

If you do want to have your pick of the very best players currently in League One, perhaps you should use our guide. We’ve scoured the available database to bring you the top-rated FUT players currently plying their trade in our third-tier. Enjoy.

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