Top Ten League One Players on FIFA 20

FIFA 20 has landed in the last couple of weeks and once again, it’s rating system is dominating conversations in playgrounds and offices up and down the country.

The Ultimate Team mode is the main selling point of the game, players get to buy and trade their favourites stars to build up their squads. Of course, everyone wants a Messi or Ronaldo and lower league fans are often left short-changed. After all, who ever won a game with John Akinde up front instead of Romelu Lukaku, or with Kieran O’Hara in goal instead of David de Gea?

That won’t stop fans of lower league clubs building up a squad of their own players just to keep for a rainy day. Which Southend fan hasn’t secretly paid over the odds for Mark Milligan, knowing he’d be laughed out of the weekend league if he put him in his squad, chemistry or no chemistry?

Still, all of the players are there and as lower league fans you’ll doubtless be hoping your favourite makes it into a Team of the Week, ripe to be purchased and maybe squeezed into a squad building challenge or a friendly against your ten-year-old nephew (no? Just me?).

If you do want to have your pick of the very best players currently in League One, perhaps you should use our guide. We’ve scoured the database to bring you the top-rated FUT players currently plying their trade in our third-tier. Enjoy.

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