FIFA 21 – The Improvements Lower League Fans Want to See

We are huge FIFA fans here at The Real EFL, but in recent years we’ve cast a glance across to Pro Evo and wondered if maybe there might be some value in switching.

Of course, the big draw of FIFA is the fact it has our clubs in, League One and League Two. You can’t take Lincoln to the Premier League on PES, nor sign Callum Cooke for Manchester United on your career mode. Instead, you’re forced to play as a Championship team or higher without proper licensing. That, for a football fan, is not good enough. Sadly.

We vary in ages here, some of us such as our site owner (watch it – Gary) have been playing football games since they came on cassette, whilst others (everyone without grey hair) only just remember cartridges. Football games evolve and often develop interest features that were just discontinued. FIFA brought us Volta this year, harking back to their classic five-a-side modes of the past, but it failed to hit the mark.

As staunch FIFA players, there are a number of changes we’d like to see made this coming season. It might be too late for the developers to see this now, but if the changes haven’t been implemented then they should certainly pay attention for future years.

Ultimate Team

EA SPORTS reveal FUT Champs Red Pick rewards ahead of TOTW return ...

Ultimate Team is far and away the most popular mode of FIFA. It is where the online competitions happen and probably accounts for most of EA’s income. However, like Rockstar and their GTA Online, there is a worry the mode is becoming too focused on spending and not enough on the players. That could be about to change of course; loot boxes have been condemned in the House of Lords and that may mean EA have to revise their pack offerings, which equate to gambling.

Away from the packs, FUT is a strong game mode which could benefit from a few tweaks. If you play regularly, as we do, you probably find yourself forever quick-selling badges and kits. We think it would be nice if you had to incorporate them into the odd squad building challenge; imagine if you bagged the Union Berlin badge and instead of getting a pittance for it, one week it was worth 10k as part of an SBC.

Whilst we’re on the subject, the customisation of kits would be a nice new feature. Instead of getting kit cards, you could get ‘kit elements’, for instance different based colours and styles, or sponsors and numbering styles. After all, you’re given so many options around your Ultimate Team, but then they have to run out in the latest Sunderland kit, or whoever you support. With some bespoke badges and designs, it would take the ownership of your team to a whole new level.

The levelling could do with managing better too. Not everybody has the TOTW cards or can be bothered to play 30 games every weekend, but it would be nice to know if we went on with a standard gold XI from the Premier League, we’d meet a team of the same quality, as well as a player of the same skill.

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