‘What have you done?’ ‘Joke’s over’ – Plenty of fans react as Stevenage release ‘eye-catching’ kits

Credit Stevenage FC Twitter

Stevenage unveiled their new kits this week and it’s far to say they’ve made a couple of very bold decisions.

The home kit is red and white, as is traditional, but it hasn’t struck a chord with supporters at all. The narrow red and white stripes come accompanies with the Burger King logo, the club;’s new sponsor.

The away kit is bold, modern design in black with what looks like coloured paint splatters on it. It certainly resembles the sort of kit a guest designs on FIFA, it’s that unusual.

Kit designs are a big thing these days, with fans eager to see a retro design, or something sleek and stylish that they want to buy. They do not want to look like they work in a fast food joint, or as if their eight-year-old child has thrown up on them after eating crayons.

Maybe that’s harsh, but our view isn’t unusual. The condemnation of the kit has been widespread and pretty comprehensive. It seems that this season Stevenage wanted to be noticed and if that was the intention, they nailed it.

If the intention was to put out a shirt fans want to be seen in, they’ve missed the mark by some way, as you’ll see below.


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