‘Shut your mouth’ – League Two boss sends Bradford City star strong message

Ian Holloway has blasted Bradford Cty’s reaction to their recently postponed fixture, claiming that those criticising the club should shut their mouths.

Holloway is never far from a controversial comment and he was reacting to the recent situation at Blundell Park, in which a player tested positive for Covid-19. They subsequently cancelled their fixture with the Bantams and took a week off from training to contain the virus.

That led to heavy criticism from Bradford officials and players, one of which was Billy Clarke. He played for the Mariners last season before moving to Bradford and asked some pertinent questions around the game. However, that has led to Holloway retorting via Grimsby Live.

“I’ve heard Billy Clarke’s having a moan at me from Bradford – shut your mouth Bill. You should put people first, that’s how I feel,” said the former Blackpool boss.

“We’re looking at who we’ve got to play, how we’re going to go about it, and at the minute I can’t teach it all in two days. At least we’re better off than Orient, they had two hours last Saturday, that was the only preparation they had. How is that not bringing our competition into disrepute? I don’t understand myself.”

As for the calls for Bradford to be awarded three points, Holloway was quite firm in his opinion.

“And for anyone to say ‘we should get the points’ I think you’re absolutely pathetic. When it happens to you, I won’t be crying about that. Call that football? I don’t. We’ll see on the day when my team plays your team, we’ll see what you’ve got to shout about then.

“Too much background noise when they should just shut up and get on with whatever they’ve got to get on with, and how dare people pick holes in us when I care about my players, I care about my team and I care about everybody.”

Grimsby are currently bottom of League Two with zero points, although they have only played twice compared to the four games most other sides have appeared in.

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Our View

We can understand Holloway’s frustration, but it didn’t seem like Clarke was having a go at Grimsby, rather the rules and uncertainty around what is, and is not acceptable. 

It did seem odd that Grimsby cancelled games and left their training ground when other clubs isolated players and got on with things. With no clear directive from the EFL, there is little surprise people are getting anxious and asking questions.

The last thing clubs need to do is start picking at each other for their handling of the situation. It isn’t the first time a manager has seemingly fallen out with another club over Covi concerns, Karl Robinson has been very vocal, and sadly it won’t be the last.


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