Ranked – The Biggest Clubs In The Real EFL Using Intricate Computer Formula

Okay, this is an article which is going to cause a huge amount of debate, but we’ve come up with a metric to rank the clubs in the lower two divisions of the EFL.

Before we start, we don’t want to upset anyone here, but as it’s Sunday and we’ve got a little time to play with we wanted to put together a metric to rank clubs by ‘size’. What is club size though? Number of fans? How full their ground is as a percentage? Social media followers? Actual trophies won?Well, we thought all of that might be applicable, so we put together a complex Excel formula to see which clubs came out as the biggest in the bottom two divisions.

Each club has been ranked on social media presence, attendance and trophies won. For social media presence, we’ve simply taken Twitter followers and divided by 10000. For trophies, we awarded one point for each fourth tier title and each minor trophy such as the EFL Trophy. We gave two points for a third-tier win, three points for a second-tier win and finally four points for a major trophy such as FA Cup, League Cup and European Trophy. To make attendance fit into this metric we worked out the percentage of the club’s ground filled by fans (using average attendance this season), then multiplied that by average attendance, finally dividing by 100 to bring the number down low enough to fit into the metric. Then, we added the numbers together to work out a highly-debatable and yet ‘fun’ way to rank all of the EFL’s clubs.

Yeah, lockdown is getting to us.

I know, you wish you’d skipped that bit and gone right to the table, don’t you? Well, to make it easier we’ll produce a graphic for social media, but if you’re interested to see where your club rank, you can start by finding out the five smallest clubs in the Football League, as revealed by some maths and a bored writer, on the next few pages.

We do stress we love all of the clubs in the Real EFL and this is only intended to cause debate, discussion and maybe a few angry messages to the writer.

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