‘Game, Set and Match’ – Blackpool win social media battle against Preston North End

By Terry Robinson, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12002379

Football club media teams are slowly going mad in the absence of football.

Here at The Real EFL, we fear for the next couple of weeks as staff members tasked with keeping an expectant audience happy turn increasingly desperate to interact and amuse. Take York City for example, rudely rebuffed by Luton Town as they attempted to play Connect Four over social media. Leyton Orient have instigated a 64-team FIFA 20 league and one Glasgow Rangers fan account even live-tweeted a made-up match for their followers.

As a content-driven site we do feel their pain, but we’re not going to suddenly enter into battle with Football League World (because they’d win). That’s not the attitude Preston and Blackpool took though during a hilarious recent social media exchange.

It all started when Preston decided to join in with Leyton Orient’s FIFA tournament, which drew Blackpool to comment that it was a play-off tournament, in a reference to the 2010 Championship Play-Off Final which earned the Tangerines a Premier League place. Preston have failed three times in the final stages of the second-tier play-offs, the most recent of which came in 2009.

Preston replied with a dig over a 2013 League Cup game which they beat Blackpool in, the last competitive meetings between the two sides. as comebacks go it was alright, but Blackpool were quick to decide that it was only a 9/10 and not quite ‘Premier League’. Someone call a fire engine, Preston got burned.

Now, if only there wasn’t a whole division between them, we could perhaps see this tastier encounter being played on an actual pitch rather than social media.



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