Chairman threatens EFL legal action if season is cancelled

Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony has revealed he would consider a ‘serious lawsuit’ if the current football season was abandoned and restarted in August.

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in the postponement of football throughout the remainder of March and into early April, with no solid guarantee of resumption at the end of the current ban. Across Europe, people are being confined to their homes and it is expected the same could happen here.

If it does, it would place a serious strain on the Football League, with sides still to play ten or eleven games at least. With Euro 2020 looming large in the summer, it will be a race against time to get the season finished in the event of a longer ban.

At the moment there are no indications that the season will be prematurely ended, both the EFL and member clubs are committed to completing the postponed fixtures. Some observers think that it could be declared void but, if that were to happen, MacAnthony wouldn’t take it lightly.

“A serious lawsuit would be my next step if voided happened but way too early for all that,” he said on Twitter. “Let’s focus on coming days/weeks ensuring we all responsibly look after our elders/those seriously affected & stay away from crowd environments etc & follow guidelines laid out.”

Bookies have suspended betting on the division in the wake of the current uncertainty, with MacAnthony’s Posh sat in sixth, three points off Rotherham United in the final automatic promotion spot.

Our View

We’re with MacAnthony here; all this nonsense about voiding the season has to stop. The very worst-case scenario would be to play the remaining games behind closed doors, minimising the risk to the public.

Remember, it’s not the players we’re protecting with the current ban; it’s the large gathering of people the country ae looking to avoid. Contact with others on a minimal basis is almost unavoidable and people are still happy to go out to eat, shop and mingle freely. We’re not at a stage where any human contact is fatal, nor will we be.

We can see further measures being implemented, but fans of Manchester United and Huddersfield can stop dreaming about their rivals missing out on titles, it isn’t going to happen (at least not with a season being voided).

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