‘Merseyside stands together’ – These fans react as Tranmere Rovers make tournament decision

Leyton Orient have proposed a FIFA knockout tournament in which a number of clubs look to fill the current football void.

The premise is clear; clubs will represent themselves in one on one matches against other clubs to find an eventual winner. It’s an idea which gained traction yesterday with 64 teams agreeing to take part, including a large number from across our bottom two divisions.

When Orient published the list of clubs last night and announced a possible draw, many suddenly saw a problem; they had tucked the logo of their club sponsors on the bottom of the list.

They are sponsored by Dream Team, the fantasy football game that appears in The Sun newspaper and that’s caused problems for at least one of the clubs who agreed to take part: Tranmere Rovers. They hail from Merseyside, Birkenhead to be exact, an area in which the newspaper does not shift any units by virtue of its reporting of the Hillsborough disaster.

Tranmere pulled out of the tournament as soon as the logo was spotted and Orient clarified the situation, explaining how they included their club sponsor on the promo and hadn’t done a hook-up with the paper. In fairness, they do seem to have removed the logo this morning, as it clearly wasn’t done with the intention of promoting The Sun, but it’s a hugely contentious issue in which a number of supporters have had their say.

The Sun has attracted criticism from a number of areas of late, not least for the way it handled the Caroline Flack tragedy both before the fact and after. A number of clubs have issues with the paper and that became clear as the Twitter reaction rolled in.


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