‘Sort it out you criminals’ – Plenty of Sheffield Wednesday fans react to club’s latest tweet

Sheffield Wednesday fans will doubtless already be disappointed to read this.

It’s the first article on a dedicated League One and League Two site about them following their relegation to the third tier. Whilst Sunderland, Ipswich and Charlton have all got used to us by now, it will be a shock for Wednesday fans who haven’t been at this level since 2012. We’d say welcome back, but I doubt it would be well received.

Also not being well received are the club’s latest tweets. The Owls are in turmoil, rumours abound that players may look to quit the club and despite the bookies ranking them as favourites for a swift return, there is a train of thought that suggests they may go the wrong way through the division. That would be unthinkable for a club the size of the Owls, a club that has never been in the basement division.

Instead of news around the future, transfers and players being happy to pull on the blue and white, they are getting promotional tweets about Hillsborough hosting Euro 96 matches and Father’s Day gifts you can buy in readiness for next Sunday. For many clubs, decent quality merchandise like this would be something of interest, but Owls fans need something more, like news of a new face or some small crumb of hope that this relegation is the nadir, not simply a staging post for further misery.

Sadly, that’s not what they’re getting, as you’ll see below.


  1. Sell. Up an move on Chansiri hasn’t a clue how to run a football team that’s been proven an givern to youths one year deals not play them ab let them leave for free 12 month later says it all come on youve had a go now do one

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