‘Sort it out’, ‘Bemuses me’ – Plenty of Sunderland fans react to this club announcement

Sunderland fans are waiting patiently for news of incoming players. They’re linked with Luke Garbutt and Marcus Maddison, with fans eagerly awaiting the tweet that finally confirms new players incoming.

This morning, the club put out not one tweet, but three. Sadly, for Black Cats’ fans at least, the three tweets were all announcing the same thing; the new kit going on sale. It’s an announcement that has caused some to react as well, especially as it has already been unveiled, but is not on general sale.

The situation has caused some fans to scratch their heads a little; tweeting the same thing three times, releasing a kit and not having it on sale, only selling online and not in the club shop; these are not the actions of a professional, well-run club. A handful of fans made sure they made that quite clear as well, with one ‘bemused’ as to how they conduct their business in this way.

The kit will go on sale and if the tweets are anything to go by, it will sell, but supporters are keen to see something else. Another club announcement, confirming a new player or maybe even news of a takeover. After two years of false promises, failed takeovers and third-tier mediocrity, these fans do deserve something they can cling too, even if it is just a shirt they can finally buy and not just look at online.

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