‘Digusting and shameless’ – these Sunderland fans react to latest ownership revelations

Stewart Donald has confirmed that he wants out of Sunderland – but he’ll only do so if potential buyers are able to meet his extortionate asking price.

This comes despite the club’s value decreasing over his two years at the helm due to stagnation in League One.

Donald’s reign at the Black Cats has been nothing short of catastrophic; failing to get out of League One at the first attempt, the club stumbled to an eighth-placed finish after being forced to part ways with manger Jack Ross.

And accompanying the failures on the pitch are his numerous PR disasters off of it, ranging from the hammering he took in the club’s Netflix documentary – often coming across at times as completely clueless – to the club’s harsh handling of the season ticket season over recent weeks.

Rightfully put under pressure by fans to do so, the Oxfordshire-born businessman has finally put the club up for sale – but his demands are ridiculous.

Hefty asking price…

Claiming he wants to recuperate every penny he spent on the club back in 2018, Donald has set an obnoxious asking price of £37.6m for the club – though he insists that this would return him no profit on his investment.

Speaking to BBC Radio Newcastle, he said: “I know they [the fans] want me out, and I am desperately trying to get out…

“The price is, as all the bidders have been told, what I paid for it.

“I’m not interested in making a profit.”

Many were also quick to point out that Donald allegedly bought the club through finance secured against future parachute payments, potentially causing grave problems for future owners.

Sunderland fans have finally had enough of the situation, with many declaring their anger on Twitter yesterday.

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