‘Enjoy Your Fake Promotion’ – Peterborough ‘El Presidente’ reacts with humour to EFL decision

By Rodney Burton, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9266023

Peterborough chairman, or former chairman, Darragh MacAnthony has always been vocal in his support of playing on this season. Sadly, for Peterborough at least, only a handful of other clubs shared that passion.

In an overwhelming vote this afternoon, League One clubs voted to end the season now, confirming Tranmere’s relegation and condemning Peterborough to another season in League One. MacAnthony had promised to resign as chairman if the league did not continue and has stayed true to his word, naming himself ‘El Presidente’ and owner on his Twitter bio.

Naturally, many supporters have targeted him this afternoon. As a vocal supporter of playing on, he drew the ire of clubs who were set to benefit. Rotherham, who earn a promotion to the Championship along with Coventry City, are one of the sides to benefit. In an exchange with a Millers’ fan, MacAnthony has jokingly branded their promotion ‘fake’, before offering sincere congratulations.

Responding to being called an expletive by a Rotherham fan, MacAnthoyn replied; “Enjoy the fake promotion should be my proper response but congrats & good luck in the champ.. My lads understand why so many teams have no desire to play this out or by chance play us in play offs. Keep the trolling coming.”

In another exchange, he was forced to call a Shrewsbury supporter ‘moronic’ as the abuse kept on flowing. After being accused of wanting to ruin clubs, he replied with “Yes the big meany bully of a chairman who wanted to play football & spend money as normal funding his club as a member of 71 club league whose job it is to play football. State of that tweet. Moronic. Power to the people indeed.”

Our View

We think Darragh MacAnthony is taking things well considering his side could well have got back into the top six. One or two sides will be considering themselves lucky, given the run in fixtures that have been simulated on points per game.

Banter is one thing, but abuse is another and he doesn’t deserve abuse merely for speaking his mind. He didn’t want to ruin other clubs, but he did want what was best for his own club. Few chairman had the luxury of not being affected either way but those that did made the fairest of unfair decisions. 

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