‘Infuriated by a vastly underperforming team’ – The Season So Far with Shrewsbury Town

There’s another fan up in our ‘Season So Far’ feature; this time we’ve got Shrewsbury Town’s Ian James (@1886stfc on Twitter).

He’s answering our questions on Salop; if you want to feature for your team, drop us a DM on Twitter, @therealefl1.

How has this season been for your team? 

It’s probably one of the most inconsistent seasons ever, from the highs of the cup run, especially Bristol City and LiVARpool at home, to some of the dullest negative football we’ve ever seen; Accrington at home one of many examples.

Sam Ricketts is so raw, it’s unbelievable at times how negative we can be. The manager is losing the crowd and attendances are dropping as a lot of people just don’t want to fork out hard earned cash to be bored witless.

Which game has been a particular high point and why?

Either the previously mentioned cup games, against Bristol City especially for Aaron Pierres thunderous shot for the winner or the home game against Liverpool where we were so close.

Which game has been a low point and why?

Accrington at home. The football was so bad in a half empty stadium that the vast majority finally turned on Sam. Either that or the Liverpool replay where we basically rolled over for a bunch of kids

Which player(s) is your Player of the Season so far and why?

Aaron Pierre is an absolute unit at the Back , Ebanks-Landell and Williams make up a formidable trio with him. Dan Udoh up front is a real find too.

Which player(s) have disappointed and why?

Surprisingly Jason Cummings. He’s not used enough but can be infuriating when he is as we know what he can do. He needs to do more on a regular basis. As much as I loathe the saying, he is a big game player.

What are you expecting from the final two months of the season?

I expect to be completely infuriated by a vastly underperforming team who are far better than they think they are. I’m also expecting a new manager next season.

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