‘I’m hoping for the point deduction’ – The Season So Far for Oldham Athletic

The first fan up in our ‘Season So Far’ feature is Oldham Athletic’s Rhys Parsons (@1rhysparsons on Twitter and Instagram).

He’s answering our questions on the Latics; if you want to feature for your team, drop us a DM on Twitter, @therealefl1.

How has this season been for your team?

We are currently sat in 17th but could fall into 19th if teams below us win their game in hand, it’s fair to say our season has been dreadful if you look at the table. However, we’ve seen some great football this year, we just lacked a goalscorer up to January. With a points deduction coming up and us being put into administration, I’ve got to admit this is the worse season I’ve seen my beloved Oldham Athletic and the sad thing is, it’s not the player’s fault.

Which game has been a particular high point and why?

The high point has to be the most recent game at the time of writing, Newport at home. After such a hard week with staff and players not being paid and admin on our doorstep, it was great to go and see the boys do such a professional job sticking five past them.

It was that good Newport’s manager said: “It could’ve been eight or nine”.

Which game has been a low point and why?

The low point was getting smashed 6-1 at Mansfield. The week leading up to the game, it was suggested at a fan forum that a player we tried sign (Nicky Maynard) wasn’t ‘pulling up any plants’ and of course, he scored a hat trick. We, as Oldham fans, turned it into a massive party and had a cracking time in the stands.

Another low was Bradford away in August as we got leathered 3-0 and the toxicity as something else as it sent us bottom of the league.

Which player(s) is your Player of the Season so far and why?

Player of the season is Jonny Smith, on loan from Bristol City, the guy is the best player in the league. Sadly, we always seem to have our best players on loan but he’s one for the future of English football, watch this space.

Which player(s) have disappointed and why?

Most disappointing would be Tomas Egert but not because of his performances. Tomas is a championship quality player but he just seems to get injured every time he comes back from the last one.

What are you expecting from the final two months of the season?

It sounds silly but I’m hoping for the point deduction. We’re 19 points off relegation and would be seven clear if we get the deduction and with only one team going down I’d rather take it now rather than next season (points can’t be deducted after 26th March) as next season two clubs go down and it would be a real struggle.

I’m just hoping for that and for us to still be a club, therefore, we can start fresh, sort the mess and build for next year. KTF (Keep the faith)

You can visit Rhys’ YouTube channel here

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