15 Fastest League One and Two Players on FIFA 2020

FIFA 20 arrived at the end of September and with it came a host of new stats and attributes for fans and players alike to pour over.

Such is the reach of FIFA these days that players will argue over their stats, trying to discover who is the fastest in their squad, who might be the weakest and who’s got all the strength.

It’s not just players at the top of the game who get involved. Players in our domain, League One and League Two, are equally as keen to see how they are rated and whether it will be worth buying themselves for their Ultimate Team or on their career mode.

Whilst in days gone by players in the lower leagues were inexplicably slower than the world superstars, that’s no longer the case. A flying winger playing for Lincoln City is just as likely to have a high pace rating as one playing for Real Madrid.

If he’s quick in real life, level is no longer a reason to be marked down, making some of the players we’ve listed here valuable to FIFA enthusiast either on a budget or looking to assemble a team exclusively from their club or division.

We’ve got the 15 fastest players from League One and League Two for the discerning lower league football fan.

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