‘Not got the fans to fill it?’ – Plenty of reaction arises from Forest Green’s failure to get stadium permission

Forest Green Rovers are certainly very different.

They’re a vegan club which has drawn lots of criticism but, each to their own. However, their claims to be green and sustainable have drawn lots of comment from supporters who see through the facade.

On one hand, they want to be carbon neutral, one the other their business model would be wholly unsustainable without the constant input of millionaire owner Dale Vince.

They’re not to everyone’s tastes but they are rising through the divisions. They eventually came out of the National league via the play-offs and last season made the top seven in League Two, only for Tranmere Rovers to get revenge for their defeat in the 2017 Wembley final.

They’ve stuck with manager Mark Cooper to their credit, other clubs might have pulled the trigger but they do things differently at the little club on the hill. If owner Vince had his way, they’d be the little club in an all-wooden stadium by the M5, but it’s not going to be the case.

Planning has been refused on their ambitious plans to build (another) new home for the side, close to the motorway. That’s brought a host of football fans from other teams to twitter to express their opinions on Forest Green’s fan base as much as anything.

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