‘Crocodile tears’ – Unpopular Notts County figure bears the brunt of these fans anger on social media

Notts County slipped out of the Football League yesterday, losing their proud title of the World’s Oldest Football League Club.

They’re now just another non-league side looking to bounce back, with an uncertain future. Some, like Luton and Bristol Rovers, make the most of their time to come back strong. Others, like Wrexham, merely become enveloped in the mire of the fifth tier.

There’s also warnings to be had when looking at Doncaster, Halifax, York, Stockport and a host of other clubs. Underestimate at your peril.

They went out with a whimper, beaten 3-1 at Swindon in a result that meant nothing as Macclesfield snatched a draw at home against Cambridge. Sol Campbell was a former Magpies player, albeit for a fleeting moment in time, but he took his current side out of the bottom two and kept them there.

For County, the future has been uncertain ever since the infamous Munto Finance takeover. Since then they’ve been unstable, run by men who constantly change managers, ethos and approach. That instability has rocked the club’s foundations and left them at their lowest ebb.

Current chairman Alan Hardy is not a popular figure this morning, delivering a rather hollow sounding rhetoric via the club’s official site. He’s been met with a wall of anger, hardly surprising given their current situation.

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