Blackpool could face points deduction as Belokon moves to recoup Oyston debt

By Terry Robinson, CC BY-SA 2.0,

A report in the Blackpool Gazette claims that Valeri Belokon’s application to have a Court Receiver appointed to recoup the £25 million still owed to him by Owen Oyston will be heard in the High Court next month.

The High Court has confirmed to the Gazette they have received an application for a hearing which they have scheduled in mid-February.

If successful, a Court Reciever would be brought in to discharge the assets of Owen and Karl Oyston as well as Segesta, the company which owns Blackpool FC, the stadium and the training ground.

It could also lead to the possibility of a twelve point deduction for the Tangerines as it could fall under EFL rules governing insolvency.

Boycotting fan groups welcomed the news but admitted it could bring more uncertainty to the club. In a statement published in the Gazette, they said, “we seem to be moving towards the end game for the Oyston regime.”

“It also seems highly likely that there will be periods of uncertainty in the coming weeks/months.”

Writing about the matter in the Gazette Blackpool Supporters’ Trust vice-honorary president Tim Fielding summed up perfectly the mood of many supporters

“It is said long-term gain often requires short-term pain. The risk of a points deduction is likely to be the price we have to pay to secure change. It is vital that as fans we stick together and present a united front, so that come the day the Oystons finally exit Blackpool FC, we are best placed to help any new owner with the reconstruction of our club.”

Blackpool are currently in ninth position in League One on thirty-eight points after an impressive win at League leaders Portsmouth last time out. However, a twelve point deduction would put them in the relegation places. They are at home to Shrewsbury Town on Saturday.

Our View

A points deduction seems harsh on Blackpool but may be a price worth paying if it rids the club of the Oystons. The EFL once again remains silent on the matter, leaving supporters with yet more uncertainty as the legal dispute drags on. The players and manager deserve great credit for staying professional in the face of such a toxic atmosphere. We hope that whatever happens, this is the beginning of the end game for the Oystons and the club and its supporters can soon finally move on.



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