How can lower league clubs attract more viewers?

The Football Premier League’s appeal and popularity cannot be denied. With a potential global television viewership of 4.7 billion individuals and more lucrative media contracts than ever before, there is no denying that it is the most viewed sport in the world.

Several lower-league English clubs, on the other hand, do not have multi-million-pound endorsement agreements or TV rights, hence, the money is scarce. How would lower-league clubs begin to join the ranks of the PL? What can they do to get more people to follow live games? Here are our top four suggestions for lower-league clubs to investigate.

When you are a lower-league club with restricted revenue, deciding where to spend your money might be difficult.

The first thing on your list should be maximising the number of individuals who will be coming to every game, and then boosting the income potential that attendees bring.

However, in today’s game, ticket costs aren’t the only consideration. A significant part of the approach for encouraging attendance and cultivating fan loyalty is focusing on the ‘experience’ spectators have.

That includes everything from browsing the web page and buying tickets to arriving at the stadium and what they do while there to returning home. Additionally, at each touchpoint along the route – whenever they make contact with or engage with, the club or its agents.

Football in itself is so popular that the name itself acts as a crowd-drawing magnet, whether it is for watching games or for engaging in football betting.

Because everyone has anticipations, it’s critical to think about the full picture – the customer experience you’re offering. Every one of the factors we’ve discussed will have an impact on whether or not it’s a remarkable and pleasurable experience (independent of the final score) that they’d wish to return – or not.


  • Tickets at a reasonable price


Overpricing tickets is one of the biggest turnoffs for fans. Provide things at a fair price in order to win support. Group discounts, family discounts, student, OAP, or low-cost games are all fantastic ways to ensure repeat patronage and, as a result, a stronger environment. Season tickets are another option to consider. The people who want to buy one are die-hard supporters of the team, but the price is preventing them from doing so.


  • Streaming live


You want to obtain as much internet publicity as possible in the digital age. Additionally, look for ideas from teams who possess their own television stations or apps. To get fans psyched for the big games, live stream bits of practice sessions or locker room conversations. Perhaps live feeds of pre-and post-match conversations with coaches, players, and even supporters might be done. 


  • Activation-Sponsors


The term “sponsorship activation” refers to more than simply jersey sponsorships or advertising on the club’s walls. Companies could reap the benefits of their relationships with football teams by creating a variety of material that appeals to their target audience. Whether it’s Athlete Q&As, match-day fan contests, or YouTube arena viral films, every material aims to spread awareness of your business partnership.

Engaging events such as internet polls, questionnaires, ongoing event bulletins, blogs, and other active activities may be enhanced and disseminated with the use of SEO. Regular activations both digital and in the field assist to guarantee that fan support grows and that they are engaged.


  • The internet and social media


Manchester United is the most popular English football team in the world, according to its combined Twitter  and Facebook followings. Fans can feel like they are a part of the club if they are kept informed about workouts, away games, additions, and setbacks on a regular basis. This is something that lower-league clubs may take advantage of. It’s critical that supporters, even if they don’t reside locally, feel like they’re a member of the community. Because this is more difficult to do with larger teams owing to their worldwide influence, lesser leagues can focus on this and seize the chance!

Nevertheless, given that you can often get a sandwich and a drink for a reasonable price, the club stadiums are steeped in history, and you can watch an abundance of raw footballing potential, it might be argued that the Premier League may also benefit from the lower leagues.


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