‘This isn’t going to end well’ – These Grimsby Town fans react to potential investor news

Grimsby Town fans are expressing serious concern after a convicted fraudster was spotted at Blundell Park the club’s current owner, John Fenty, and chairman Phillip Day,

Alex May, formerly known as Alick Kapikanya, was convicted for running a team of con artists who targeted elderly people in Manchester from 2007. He was jailed for six years in 2014 for the scam which netted over £3.5m. He was seen entering Blundell Park this weekend as they faced Mansfield Town, and it is thought he has attended other games through the early part of the season.

The Mariners Trust have called an urgent meeting to discuss May’s involvement, which appears to run deep with Fenty. The two of them were listed as directors of Town Centre Living Limited, with the certificate of incorporation completed in April showing them as the only initial shareholders. May resigned as a director in November.

Majority shareholder Fenty took the club off sale earlier this year after previously stating he wanted to get out, but the current suggestion is that May wants to invest alongside Fenty. May has previously tried to become involved in football with Notts County, something which fell through, but at the time he was acting as an advisor to Colin Dodd, who said: “He deserves a second chance, everyone makes mistakes in life and that is what we are doing.

“That is on the record, everyone involved in this project knows his background. He has spent the last 10 years trying to restore his reputation. He has been helping us with his knowledgeable contacts.”

Interestingly, Dodd was linked with investing in Grimsby as early as September 2019, after renaming a company Blundell Park Project Limited instead of Meadow Lane Project Limited. Naturally, Grimsby fans are not impressed one bit, with plenty offering their insight on social media, as you’ll see below.


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