‘No wonder football is on it’s last legs’ – Fans react to latest Forest Green announcement

Forest Green are a club that likes to do things differently.

Whether that is wooden stadiums, pop stars as creative directors or renaming their stadium via a vote, they want to buck the trend in professional football. They also openly supported Project Big Picture, but you’ll have to let that one slide.

Recently, after teaming up with innocent smoothies (deliberate and funky non-usage of a capital), they ran a competition to name their new stadium. Ideas came in from everywhere, with some opposition fans having a dig, but others trying to make it amusing. Stadium McStadiumface was probably our favourite, but other efforts included Kevin, and the innocent Fruit Bowl. The overwhelming online winner was Kevin, with 65%.

Kevin the stadium we might have got on board with, but when the vote went to FGR’s season ticket holders, they voted for the innocent New Lawn. That’s basically their old stadium name, with innocent at the start, in what is as close to a standard commercial link up as possible. It isn’t known if their creative director had anything to do with the move.

Anyhow, the latest stunt news form the ‘little club on the hill’ has once again got supporters talking, but it seems as though once again, the chatter isn’t all positive. Love them or loath them, FGR and Dale Vince do seem to be able to keep their name in the news, whether for the right or wrong reasons.

Given the club’s link-up with Massive Attack, we’ve put together a quiz of pop stars and their clubs. How many can you get right? We’re calling it Quizzy Mcquizface, aka Kevin. 

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Which football club does this star support?



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