‘Not interested’, ‘Sell it and get out’ – These Sunderland fans react as club make announcement

Every announcement Sunderland makes seems to attract supporters full of vitriol these days.

The long-awaited takeover seems to still be something in the extreme distance, and news of new players is slow to emerge as well. Instead, the commercial team are working hard to attract partners which will release funds, something they have moved forward with today.

They’ve announced a partnership with UK Asbestos Specialists Limited, or rather an extension to their current relationship. The company have already been prominent over a couple of seasons, and will ‘continue to proudly feature across the club’s engagement platforms’ according to the official release, whilst ‘also taking pride of place on the official team sheet and on the exit of the famous Stadium of Light tunnel’.

The Black Cats CEO, Jim Rodwell, said: “UKASL have continued to back the club throughout some of the most difficult seasons in its history. Since my arrival at SAFC, my colleagues have spoken incredibly highly of Les and his team and they value that support greatly. After forging a strong and lasting partnership, we are looking forward to working closely with them throughout the next three years, as we continue to develop a relationship that will benefit SAFC and UKASL for many years to come.”

At many clubs, news of continued income from business would be greeted warmly, or at the very least ignored, but at a club suffering the worst period in their history, it is merely a footnote to a constant stream of worry and ire. Despite a couple of decent pre-season wins, the black cloud of ownership still hangs large over the Stadium of Light, which often leads fans to leave acerbic comments and angry replies.

As usual, the die-hard Black Cats fans have not disappointed, despite Jim Rodwell’s positivity in the press release.

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