“It’s such a flimsy way to change a club’s history” – talkSPORT commentator slams MK Dons for voting to avoid relegation

In a radio tirade this morning, talkSPORT commentator and bitter Peterborough United fan Adrian Durham has lashed out at local rivals MK Dons.

Durham’s beloved Posh were denied a spot in the League One Play-Offs after clubs democratically voted to end the season on PPG – and it appears that he still hasn’t let go.

Angrily berating the system used to determine the final league table, Durham listed off three clubs who voted to end the season – hinting that the decisions were made out of fear of relegation, rather than actual financial concerns – one of whom being MK Dons, a team for whom he has held a strong disdain for many years now and made little effort to hide his displeasure.

Durham criticised a recent Dons social media post claiming that the club would be looking to ‘give it a right good no next season’, even though the side ‘financially couldn’t afford to carry on’ the 2019/20 campaign.

Despite these claims, however, the Dons were never in a financial situation that would have prevented them fulfilling matches – and, in fact, publicly announced that they would be happy to carry on playing League One football, provided it was of no harm to other clubs.

In contrast to other sides, the Buckinghamshire outfit have fared well throughout the lockdown period; the club’s arena was chosen to host both Snooker and Darts behind closed doors, there has been a passive stream of income from businesses on the retail park, and Winkelman has secured a loan with Santander that protects the club’s immediate interests in case of a ‘second wave’.

More importantly, however, prior to the conclusion of the season the Dons were also hitting a good spell of form; key players Rhys Healey, Alex Gilbey, and Carlton Morris had boosted Russell Martin’s attack whilst the return of Jordan Moore-Taylor provided defensive security.

There would have been no concerns in Milton Keynes were the side forced to continue playing.

But in light of the issues faced by, and not wanting to cause damage to, other clubs, CEO Andrew Cullen announced on MKFM that the club would side with whichever decision was most popular thanks to being able to fulfil both options:

“In terms of this situation, we will go along with the majority view. If the majority view is to carry on, then we will. Equally, if the majority view is to not carry on, we’re happy with points-per-game [PPG] as a solution, with promotion, play-offs and relegation.

As a consequence to more sides voting to end the season than not, the Dons chose to curtail proceedings.

Despite MK actively looking to support other clubs with their vote, as opposed to protecting their own interests, Durham has tried to paint the club otherwise – and many fans took to Twitter to ridicule him for doing so.





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