‘That sounds costly’ – Plenty of Doncaster fans react to 39-y/o’s recent error

As footballers try to while away the hours at home, one particular challenge has seemingly caught their imagination.

The toilet roll challenge sees players from across the game juggling a ball in their homes, usually looking to finish by volleying it somewhere. The idea sprung up from people panic buying toilet rolls at the beginning of the pandemic and has seen some amusing efforts.

Stevenage keeper Paul Farman raised plenty of laughs when he just smashed his toilet roll out of the garden, in a quip at keepers not being the best of footballers. others have smashed it over their house and popular former Nottingham Forest keeper Mark Crossley, aka Big Norm, even got involved, slicing his roll into the bushes and diving after it.

Few will be able to match Doncaster’s James Coppinger though. The 39-year-old has racked up more than 630 appearances for Doncaster and is still a key part of their squad, but his own video saw him fail hilariously. After a close bit of control, Coppinger volleyed his loo roll off-camera, where it clearly smashed something.

Doncaster fans were quick to jump on Coppinger’s social media account, wondering what precious item might have been damaged and speculating whether Mrs Coppinger might just have banned the toilet roll challenge in future!


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