Paul Lambert issues bullish response to Ipswich Town manager rumours

Ipswich Town boss Paul Lambert has revealed he’s spoken to owner Marcus Evans this week, who has no intention of sacking him according to the EADT.

There has been talk of Evans getting rid of Lambert, who has seen his side fall out of contention at the top of League One, and replacing him with veteran boss Neil Warnock.

A run of four wins in 22 fixtures has left Lambert in a tough position, unpopular with supporters, but apparently not with his chairman. He was asked if he’d seen the Tractor Boys owner since losing to Fleetwood in midweek and it seems he has.

“Aye and he’s been fine,” replied the former Norwich City boss.

“He’s not happy and nobody’s happy because everyone is suffering. The abuse Marcus gets isn’t nice but if he comes in here and pulls the plug one day, where does it go? That’s what I’d like to know.”

Lambert added that he hadn’t received the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’ from the owner as the press pushed for a reaction.

“A vote of confidence? I never go into it or worry about it because whatever is going to happen will happen and it’s not something I will worry about. If you lose your job, which happens, it’s not nice, but you carry on. Marcus has been really good to me.

“I can handle this guy, this guy and this guy being linked, it’s no problem. I don’t do social media, I love my life in football and love the game and do my best. If my best’s not good enough, no problem.”

50-year-old Lambert is in his ninth managerial role, having also bossed Livingston, Wycombe, Colchester, Norwich, Stoke, Blackburn, Aston Villa and Wolves.

Our View

Lambert must be a nightmare to interview. He was also asked about his personal feelings as he isn’t a robot and he replied curtly; ‘you don’t know me from Adam’. The interviewer was trying to be empathetic and got shot down.

His position is surely under scrutiny as they have a good squad of players at Portman Road and the likes of Norwood, Alan Judge, Andre Dozzell and Luke Chambers should (and could) be doing much better than they are.

All the bullish press conferences in the world won’t change that.

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