‘We’re really not that big of a deal’ – These Sunderland fans react to one result in particular this weekend

Sunderland appeared to miss out on a transfer target this week when Burton Albion striker Liam Boyce made a six-figure move to Heart of Midlothian.

In the midst of silly season, which is what January is, it is easy to lose sight of facts. Whether Boyce was a target and whether Sunderland did miss out is up for debate, but sites (like ours) will happily feed you stories titles ‘Sunderland suffer transfer blow’, or something similar. It may not be accurate, but these stories originate somewhere and as they circulate, they gain traction.

What helps is when fan-driven media also gets on board. In the era of multiple sites delivering you the same news under a different headline, fan media is usually where you’ll find the facts as fans understand them. You’ll see the real frustrations, not those perceived by sites who don’t know better. One of the most popular in Sunderland in the Roker Report and reaction to one of their posts this weekend has been plentiful.

Boyce scored on his debut for the Edinburgh side, bagging a winner against Rangers in a big game north of the border. The Roker Report, seemingly getting disillusioned with League One football and Stewart Donald’s apparent frugal approach to transfers, retweeted the confirmation of Boyce’s goal with the caption ‘£150,000. That’s all he would’ve cost’ as an accompaniment.

That drew large numbers of Mackems to social media to offer their opinion on the current situation of Wearside. They’re the biggest club current outside the top two divisions and yet their approach to transfers this season has been subdued and financially restrictive. Here’s what a selection of their fans are thinking after ‘missing out’ on Boyce.


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