‘Petty’, ‘No-one comes out of this well’ – These Stevenage fans react as racism claim is dismissed

Mark Sampson has been cleared of racism charges after the case against him was found as not proven today, as per a report from the club’s official site.

Sampson was charged by the FA in November and has been left hanging over the Christmas period. He stepped to the side after Graham Westley came in as manager and is now back in coaching as the club’s first team coach. He’s also free to carry on his life after the latest racism storm to engulf him cleared.

Stevenage Chairman Phil Wallace released a statement, naming those who made the allegations, that said; “I am delighted that Mark is now able to concentrate fully on his future and not be troubled by allegations made by former manager Dino Maamria and former coach Ali Uzunhasanoglu after they had been dismissed.

“The Club have stood shoulder to shoulder with Mark because the evidence presented by those independents present at the time conflicted with the allegation. Our Club will never tolerate racism and we implement the EFL Equality Code of Practice to manage the Club and safeguard the nine key protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010, but that doesn’t mean we will stand ildly by if we feel allegations are being used for a purpose.”

The allegations were made on the back of a September 2nd meeting at the club in which the potential recruitment of three players: William
Ediengulele, Adam El-Abd and Gabriel Osho was being considered. The FA report claims that ‘during the course of giving his evidence Mr Maamria showed himself to be a very strong character, confident in his own opinion, slow to listen to criticism and aware that he could appear intimidating to others,” before finding clearing Sampson after the claims were not backed up by other staff and statements made by those who complained differed from original accounts.

Stevenage fans have been quick to go on social media and offer their take on the situation, as you’ll see below.

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