‘Not something to be proud of’ – These fans react to Shrewsbury Town’s latest reveal

Shrewsbury Town have seemingly scored a bit of an own goal with a section of their support, despite trying to keep up with new and current social media trends.

It must be tough for the media team of a current Football League club. Social media changes so quickly that you could get left behind; which clubs have a serious Facebook presence anymore? It’s all about Twitter, but then Instagram and Snapchat have been popular in the past as well.

Shrewsbury have decided the next step for them is Tik Tok, described as ‘the destination for short-form mobile videos’. It’s a logical step although few other clubs have made it.

They’ve proudly announced the decision on Twitter, only to seemingly go back on it moments later with a self-deprecating tweet, readying themselves for the trolls and abuse to come out of the woodwork.

As if to prove that bad news is far more popular than anything, only six Shrews fans reacted to the news Lennell John-Lewis had been released but far more decided to have a pop at the club having a presence on an app that, let’s be frank, is probably only really for kids and geeks right now.

With a cup tie against Liverpool coming up and the feared relegation battle seemingly only a distant concern, the Shrews are in a good place. Then they go and announce this….

As expected, the negative reaction flowed freely, as you’ll see below.

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