Macclesfield players appeal to EFL for help after suffering further issues with wages

Macclesfield Town players have released a statement claiming they are suffering further problems with wages.

The troubled club struggled to meet its wage commitments last season, and it now appears the problems are resurfacing. In the statement, the players referred to the plight of Bury and Bolton and appealed to the EFL to help the Silkmen before the situation at the club deteriorates further.


They added they would endeavour to remain professional in ‘extremely difficult circumstances’ and honour their contracts.

The statement suggests staff at the club are also experiencing similar problems.

Players considered boycotting the final game of last season after going two months without being paid. The club faces a winding-up petition in the High Court on 24 October. It will be the club’s sixth appearance in court over an unpaid tax bill after the granting of a series of adjournments to give the club more time to settle their debts.

Here is a link to the full statement recently tweeted by journalist Alan Nixon amongst others.

Macclesfield Town have yet to make any comment.

Our View

Another sad story that looks set to run and run over the season.

Unfortunately asking the EFL for help proved to be a pointless exercise for both Bury and Bolton and it will probably prove to be the same for the Macclesfield players.

The football authorities remain apathetic and impotent in the face of mounting evidence that football finance needs urgent restructuring.

While they do nothing, more historic community-based institutions will eventually go to the wall.

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