‘What a joke, we get zero effort’ – These Portsmouth fans are not happy with the club’s recent announcement

It seems these days the summer is as interesting for kit reveals as it is for actual signings.

In days gone by a terrible kit was lambasted in a pub or around the ground, but few could read your thoughts unless they drank with you. Now, as soon as a kit is out, everyone has a chance to comment.

What’s more, many do.

A kit is a very subjective part of the club, very much like fashion choices. Younger people might like a certain design, new and bold, whilst others prefer to see their club in something far more retro. Often, kits of the past are emulated (badly) much to the ire of the supporters.

It’s a minefield in which few clubs manage to successfully launch something to widespread acclaim.

One thing football clubs do like is something bespoke, something that’s unique to them. They do not expect to see a kit that’s been sold off by the manufacturer as excess stock with a logo and sponsor stuck on it.

For their new third kit, that’s what Portsmouth fans have been given and they’re not happy at all.

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