Respecting The Sun: An Apology

Earlier today, we used some rather unfortunate wording to describe a journalist which has caused some people to contact us to express their concern.

We used ‘respected’ and ‘Sun journalist’ in the same sentence. It reads as though we were calling The Sun respected. We were not. What is worse, we used it in an article talking about Tranmere Rovers, from Merseyside.

We would like to point out that we do not believe that rag is respectable, not just because of their reporting back in 1989, but because they purvey gutter stories, brainwash those who fail to think for themselves and cause more divisions within our society than any other media outlet in the world.

We don’t believe their treatment of players such as Raheem Sterling is fair either; they claim to be fighting for the people but they spend their time dividing those they claim to represent. They build up stars to knock them down, they make stories out of trash like Love Island and keep you from seeing the real issues.

We don’t buy the rag. We don’t read the rag and we absolutely do not want to be seen to be condoning them or the way they operate.

Our writer has been gutted all day because what he meant wasn’t to suggest the journalist or the paper were to be respected.

When sourcing stories we look far and wide, across many different papers, websites and outlets, as well as our own contacts. Many Twitter accounts and the like are from so-called ex-agents or claim to be ‘transfer hubs’ when they’re not. Up until recently, we’d worked with someone we believed to be an ex-agent who it seems was nothing more than a boy in his bedroom making up stories.

These are not ‘respected’ sources, in other words they cannot be trusted as a source. Other outlets wouldn’t use them and neither would we.

Alan Nixon, despite working for the Sun, is known to be a ‘respected’ source, in other words his stories are generally accepted by other outlets as having some basis in fact. That may not be the case, but when he puts his name to something it can be used as a basis for a story, rather than it being an unidentified source.

That is all we meant by saying he was a ‘respected’ source, that his stories are used widely and generally acceptable to repeat or investigate further.

We do not condone anything they print, we do not view their site, we do not believe they have any place in society. It’s made us feel physically sick to be seen as Sun sympathisers today and we’re truly sorry for that appearing to be the case, not only to Tranmere and the people of Liverpool, but to any decent human being who understands how vile that paper really is.

We will still use Alan Nixon’s tweets as a basis for a story, but that is not an endorsement of where they’re finally printed and it never will be.


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