‘Prefer to see some new players’ – These Cambridge United supporters respond to latest club announcement

Cambridge United revealed their new kit yesterday, a rather attractive retro design that seems to have hit a sweet spot with supporters.

Some designs often go down badly with clubs trying too hard to find a niche design (we’re looking at you, Lincoln City), but there are no mistakes over at the Abbey Stadium.

On the field, there’s plenty of work to be done with a fourth from bottom place to put right, but at least the players will be in something eye-catching and fashionable next season.

There has been a swell of supporter for the new kit, with some fans claiming it’s the first one they’ve liked the look of in five years. In their traditional amber and black, there’s nothing flashy about the design at all.

Of course, not everyone is over-enamoured with the announcement, with one fan remarking he’d rather see some new players than something superficial like a kit.

In a modern age where news develops quickly and everyone is looking for something to write about or debate, a new kit reveal is as newsworthy as anything, even if the serious business of signings has to wait until the season has actually finished.


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