‘Should be ashamed of yourself’ – Plenty of Charlton fans are furious with talkSport presenter after latest Duchatelet interview

Sky Sports presenter Jim White has come in for fierce criticism from many Charlton Athletic fans after once again interviewing controversial owner Roland Duchatelet on his talkSport radio show.

In an interview which seemed to focus on how difficult it would be for the Charlton Athletic owner to attend the League One playoff final due to safety fears, White seemed particularly keen to elicit from Ducatelet how scared he was of being confronted by angry Charlton fans.

Duchatelet has not attended a Charlton match since 2014.

White failed to scrutinise the Belgian owner’s controversial stewardship of the club which has led to his unpopularity among many Addick supporters.

White often appears keen to get wealthy owners on his show and seems to enjoy giving them a platform. It could be argued the interview allowed Duchatelet to demonise Charlton fans and make the Belgian out to be the victim.

You have to wonder whether White has spent to much time in the Sky bubble and attending games in corporate hospitality areas. He seems bereft of any empathy for paying spectators which some would argue is in common with his employers who regularly change kick-off times at short notice making life almost impossible for those fans who prefer to watch games live rather than on television.

Many feel that for White to allow the owner airtime in the week before the Wembley final seemed like particularly bad-timing. Many Addick fans have been feeling good about their club lately despite Duchatelet’s ownership.

Indeed the club announced this morning they had sold over 30,000 tickets for the Wembley showpiece on Sunday.

Plenty of Charlton fans soon took to social media to criticise White, with some very angry and not holding back after the presenter once again gave Duchatelet airtime.

Here is a selection of their responses to the interview on Twitter.




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  1. Didn’t listen to the Jim White interview with Duchatelet this time around,but surely Jim must know that Duchatelet is not interested in the clubs he buys,he says himself that he is not interested in football at all,I know we have had lightweight protests but he has brought our lovely club nearly to its knees..Standard Liege fans certainly made their feelings known at their ground and his offices,he quickly sold them..only hope that he sees sense in giving both Lee bowyer and Jacko worthy contracts before they get snapped up elsewhere..roll on Sunday..c’mon you reds..Sheila..north stand

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