‘He’s actually unbelievable’ – These Notts County fans react with a mixture of astonishment and anger to latest Alan Hardy interview

Notts County chairman Alan Hardy has told the Daily Mirror that the last six months have been the worst of his life and he regrets ever buying the club.

County suffered relegation out of the EFL on the last day of the season after starting the campaign as one of the favourites to get promoted. The 3-1 defeat at Swindon condemned one of the founder members of the football league to non-league football for the first time in their long history.

Hardy describes the last six months as ‘horrendous.’ He put the club up for sale in January after posting a naked picture of himself on social media amid rumours of financial difficulties at Meadow Lane. These rumours soon became real when the club was served a winding-up petition over an unpaid tax bill.

Hardy’s also saw his company. Paragon placed into administration, with all staff made redundant.

The controversial chairman told the Mirror the whole episode had cost him not only on paper losses of £35 million but also his integrity, claiming it had been ‘battered’ and adding: ‘The fans are understandably desperately sad about relegation and I have taken an absolute battering on social media, a lot of it grossly unfair and unnecessary.’

Several media outlets including BBC Sport reproduced the Mirror article, and it is fair to say Hardy’s plight did not garner much sympathy from many Notts County fans still reeling from the devastation of relegation.

Some were astonished while many were angry at what they saw as Hardy once again playing the victim and trying to absolve himself of any responsibility for the club’s position when he was the man making the decisions.

Many fans felt, quite rightly in my view, that he showed no regard or empathy with how they felt about relegation and the damage his stewardship had inflicted on the famous old club.

Many felt the interview was just another example of Hardy once again seeking attention to massage his massive overinflated ego.

Here is a selection of their responses to the interview on Twitter.




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  1. J. B.
    He gave us hope, right up to the Coventry game he gave us hope..so although I can give him stick I thank him for giving me hope…now I hope, next year…..

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