‘Your head’s fallen off,’ ‘This is embarrasing’ – Port Vale have just made themselves a laughing stock

Port Vale felt that they were on the end of an injustice this weekend, with Cheltenham beating them 1-0 at Whaddon Road.

They felt they had a perfectly good goal ruled out and after the game, Vale fans lamented their luck and as they filtered away from the ground, doubtless blamed the referee.

That’s usually as far as it goes. Fans usually believe clubs referees have an agenda against their club, but no straight thinking club actually believes it. Maybe a partisan crowd can sway a referee, or a club’s reputation can go before them to cause issues, but actual agendas?

It seems that Port Vale feel different. as their fans felt the ground, their officials felt they were on the end of an injustice too. Even with the benefit of two night’s sleep, they felt the same. So they released a statement to that effect.

They listed the times they’ve bene on the end of bad officiating, blaming a series of results on poor decisions. Maybe they thought fans would be in agreement and back them, but they’ve turned into something of a laughing stock on Twitter.

Imagine, a professional football club putting out a statement that includes lines such as “Goals change games and we as a club understand that you make your own luck in a game that is 90 minutes. However stats have shown so far this season that when Port Vale score the first goal in a match, we have not lost a game,” or “Port Vale have had confirmed from MOAS that several key decisions have gone against the club during matches. This has ranged from penalties awarded against us and penalties wrongfully not awarded in favour of us.”

Here’s what the fans think, both from Port Vale and the wider football world. It’s not pretty reading either.


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