Notts County So Far: “Sometimes the vibe around the club is toxic”

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How has the season gone for you so far?

Don’t ask, seriously! Notts was tipped as one of the favourites for promotion but the start couldn’t have gone more wrong. Kevin Nolan could grasp the difference in having quality players for this league and although I believe he would have turned things around, at the same time he couldn’t get the squad performing as a team.

In came Harry Kewell and he managed to get 3 wins in a row, but his arrogance and ignorance came through and bizarre decisions lead to him being sacked.

2018-19 so far has been terrible but as a fan I want to support the club to the best of my ability, hopefully the final run of games will be much better under Neal Ardley.

Who has been your key player and why?

There’s been a few key players, Enzio Boldewijn, Jon Stead and Jamie Turley have all made a positive impact. I would say prior to Stead’s injury it would have been him for sure, as once he earned the captaincy he played even better than had previously.

I think Jamie Turley pips it because he’s a rock in defence and a player Notts have been crying out for years.

Which player has disappointed you the most this season and why?

I would have said Ross Fitzsimons because at the start of the season he didn’t grasp being given the number one, I still feel he let down Kevin Nolan massively but the biggest disappointment for me is Richard Duffy.

Notts improved during his injury absence and once he returned things quickly returned to slumming it.

I have no faith in his ability and as a player, all he does is moan and get into other players faces. Most Notts fans wanted a player called Haydn Hollis gone, well I’d welcome him back if it meant Duffy wasn’t here.

Which game have you enjoyed the most to date and why?

Tough question. Notts have had flashes of class but nothing really concrete, even when the clubs won it’s been more due to luck or the hard break. Rather than playing well for 90 minutes, infact the clubs struggled to perform well enough for 45.

I honestly can’t answer this.

What has been the lowest point of your season so far?

Seeing Kevin Nolan sacked after the outpoor of comments on social media, how quickly some of these fans wanted Nolan back once Harry Kewell had been sacked.

Look a club like Notts needs stability and some fans need to learn the meaning of support.

How do you think the second half of the season will go for you?

It’s anyones guess, it all depends on Neal Ardley and Neil Cox. If they can show some proper man-management and understand the core of the squad, tactically things can improve but they need to understand how to get the players performing as a team.

We can’t just attack and forget about defending, likewise we can’t defend and not attend. There needs to be a balance.

What will you be hoping to see happen at your club in the transfer window?

I don’t think there will be much movement, I think Neal Ardley will attempt to work with what he has got and the club might say they’re looking at 1 or 2 players – yet I think secretly they will see how things go.

If Notts can improve in that time I doubt any signings will be made but it’s not a transfer window without this club panic signing so who knows?

Which other League 2 players would you like to see your side sign?

I’d love for Notts to sign Gary Liddle back, he’s a class player and has proven he can do the job in midfield and at centre back. I think he’s wasted at Carlisle and someone who could certainly do a job improving the back four at Notts right now.

Any other comments you’d like to make about your team or the season?

Can we get it over with now? I’m sick of the meltdowns, the negativity and the worry of the clubs league status. I think Notts will be fine but sometimes the vibe around the club is toxic and it’s disappointing.

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