Sunderland will recieve compensation from disgraced star

Sunderland once paid £13.6 for Didier Ndong, but the Gabonese player will now have to pay them as a condition of his recent dismissal from the club.

A statement suggested that they’ve reached an ‘amicable’ agreement with the 24-year old following his sacking last week, one in which he is required to pay them money when he finds a new club.

He had to leave the country after being sacked as it meant his work permit was no longer valid and he now has to find a new employer too, one willing to take on a player who went on strike in the summer.

Ndong was the club record signing when he joined from Lorient in the summer of 2016, but he’s never been close to repaying his huge fee, no showed the potential to do so.

Our View

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Not only is the snivelling rat gone, but he’s even got to pay something back to the club and fans whom he treated with such contempt.

We doubt it will be anywhere near the £13.6m he conned them out of, nor the huge wages he robbed from then, but he should serve as a warning to other players thinking they have the power.

You don’t.

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