Danny Cowley refuses Mansfield slagging match

Lincoln City manager Danny Cowley has refused to be drawn into a war of words with Mansfield manager David Flitcroft, despite the latter’s attempt at sparking one earlier this week.

David Flitcroft spoke on Wednesday of not being intimidated by Danny Cowley after a heated EFL trophy game in which they picked up numerous bookings before Lincoln had Michael O’Connor sent off.

After the game Cowley questioned the rules which saw red cards and yellow cards not count towards league games, suggesting teams might take a more robust approach to otherwise meaningless matches.

That prompted Flitcroft to have a dig at Cowley this week, but in his press conference today, the Lincoln boss refused to be drawn on the comments.

“We played Mansfield last week and we play Mansfield again in the coming weeks and months and I’ll talk about Mansfield then. Save trash talk for boxing. We’ve got respect for David Flitcroft and we’ve got respect for Mansfield, they’re a good club and they’ll be very competitive in the league this year and we look forward to seeing them very soon.”

Our View

Nothing to see here, move along. That is essentially what Cowley has said today. If David Flitcroft was starting a war of words, he’s been firmly put in his place today.

The two teams don’t meet until November, but the likelihood is it will be a very interesting clash when they do.

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