‘Fake news’, ‘Be lost without you’ – These Peterborough fans react to 44-y/o’s latest quotes

By Rodney Burton, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9266023

Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony revealed he’s ready to walk away from football if the current season is not completed, but later also reaffirmed his commitment to the League One side.

Speaking on his own Hard Truth podcast, he claimed that he would need to take a hiatus from the game should the EFL opt not to finish the current season, suspended because of the pandemic. Posh are hunting a place in the Championship, but points per game model could see them miss out, as could simply drawing a line under this season and accepting current placings. MacAnthony has said he’s ready to go if that ends up being the case.

“If the season is voided or prolonged for an unreasonable amount of time I will ask my partners to buy me out,” he said.

“I’d need a break mentally. I’d take a two-year hiatus at least to see if I can fall back in love with the game.

“I’ve put my life into football for 15 years. I’m not in this for money. I’ve never made any money from football and I never will. I’m in the game because I’m passionate about it and I love it.

“If it’s taken away from me and from the thousands of fans who love the game then I’m done. I couldn’t live with that or abide by it.”

MacAnthony took over as Posh chairman in 2006 aged 30, making him the youngest chairman in the Football League. He has since delivered two spells of Championship football to Posh, with a third looking likely after strong performances this season.

He threatened to quit earlier in the season if Posh didn’t make the play offs, something that did look likely before football was suspended. However, when a local journalist later blew up the ‘threaten to quit’ quote, MacAnthony replied claiming there was ‘no quit in the old dog’ and that he was venting ‘venting aloud’.

That drew Peterborough fans to Twitter to express their gratitude to the businessman, who has overseen a real change in their status as an ailing lower-league side.


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