‘Absolute idiot’, ‘Legend’ – These fans react to Ipswich striker’s misfortune

Ipswich Town striker James Norwood had an interesting method by which to avoid being fined for lateness; he smashed his own car windscreen with a rock as reported by the BBC.

Having locked himself out of his car, the former Tranmere man felt the only option available to him was to hurl a rock through his window.  “It’s a big fine for being late (to training) so it was cheaper to smash a window,” Norwood said.

“I put the battery on to defrost my window, closed the door and it locked.

“The first rock hit the window and bounced off. I’d been locked out for half an hour in minus 87 and when I tried to throw harder I couldn’t feel my hands and released late and got my door, severely denting it.

“Third one went straight through and hit my other door.”

Norwood, who has ten goals from 23 matches for Ipswich, seems to see the funny side of it, as do Ipswich fans. They’re more amused that the lethal striker missed a couple of times before breaking his window, something they think is fairly typical.

Not everyone sees the amusing side of his misfortune, but it is nice to see a story around a window that doesn’t unsettle a player or team, just for a change.


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