4 interesting free agents still available to Football League clubs

The permanent transfer window came and went. Then the loan window stayed open, exploited by those who could as a normal window. It closed too.

Even now, after two window closes, Football league clubs can bring players in. The big league has seen it, Nottingham Forest are collecting players as if they’re stickers. We’re fairly sure they’ll discover tomorrow they’ve already signed Claudio Yacob twice and they’ll be looking to do swapsies with someone like Chelsea. They have 40 players out on loan. I bet your club barely have 40 players in their squad and youth squad combined.

The Real EFL looks at the other end of the scale, down at the bottom where the main issue with any new signings isn’t windows, but budgets. For some, the very best bargains are there to be had right now, the players who demanded £1000k a week in June, but will now turn up for £250 and a couple of tickets to palm off on their family and friends.

The Real EFL has you covered with the very best value out there. Here’s four free agents who could revolutionise your club.

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