The Ex-Agent turned Real EFL columnist

Over the summer, former football agent James Goodwin caused quite a stir by opening up his contact book on Twitter and discussing transfers and switches.

More recently he’s stopped giving out titbits and hints, instead concentrating on putting something back into football. We’re really pleased to announce that he’s agreed to become our first permanent columnist here at The Real EFL.

We’ll let him tell you all about it.


I started posting a few bits online over the summer, mainly to show how easy it was to get people talking about football transfers. The clamour for news is getting crazy, people always want to be the first to know about the deals, rumours and half-truths.

Here’s a truth: any fool with an internet connection and a Twitter account can claim to be an ex agent, which is why I stopped doing it myself. There’s more people ‘in the know’ on Twitter now than there is in the bloody game itself!

I decided that in order to talk about football, I had to write properly, which is why I’ve got in touch with the Real EFL guys. I like what they want to do, give proper coverage to league One and Two rather than the awful, biased and Championship heavy stuff you see all over the place. ‘The 72′ is more like ’24 and some others’, and they’re not the only ones. When was the last time you read a good piece about Bury that wasn’t from one of their bloggers? 

There’s some great podcasts doing work at this level, the D3D4 lads always have me interested and the NTT20 pod is good, but still has the Villa and Leeds stuff. The Championship is like the Premier League 2 and many League One articles are just patronising excuses to crowbar in another big hitter, Sunderland. Nobody seems to care about Gillingham, Southend or Stevenage, not really.

This is why I’m going to be penning a regular column on here, discussing transfers, rumours and my life as a low-level agent. 

If you’re a budding writer, why not put your hand up and write a few features about your club? Why not ensure that the smaller clubs, the ones who feed from the scraps the Championship sites throw down, gets p[roper coverage. There’s no click bias here, nobody cares right now if an article gets 100 views or 1000 views, what we care about is every professional football club getting coverage.

League One and League Two is the real EFL. It’s where fans can chat to players, where crowds can be sparse and joy in short supply, but it is where the fans often find themselves overlooked unless there’s an angle that can be worked in.

Not anymore.

I look forward to being a part of it.


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