Can you bet on football with crypto? What you should know

Football remains one of the most popular sports around the world and this is certainly true in the UK. Whether it is games in the Premier League, other leagues in the EFL or top international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, bettors in the UK remain firmly in love with the beautiful game. Of course, this is also true for plenty of other countries globally, including France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ghana, Argentina and more.

It is not just watching matches or following the latest football news online which sees people flocking to the game though. Betting on football is also wildly popular and brings a lot more fun to the sport. If you already enjoy betting on football, you may have heard the increasing buzz around crypto betting. Below, we examine crypto-based sports betting and how you can wager on football with digital coins.

What is crypto-based sports betting?

As any good guide to betting with bitcoin will explain, this activity involves using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum to bet on sports. This is different from traditional sports betting, which uses fiat currencies, such as the pound, to place wagers.

The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies in general has led to people becoming more comfortable with the idea of digital cash and finding more uses for it. Hybrid and dedicated crypto betting sites are good examples of this. Both kinds of platforms enable people to use crypto when placing sports bets and enjoy the benefits this offers.

Of course, the key question for any football bettor is whether you can use cryptocurrencies to wager on the sport. The good news is that you can use crypto to bet on football and this makes it something to seriously consider in 2024.

Finding a crypto wallet and buying coins

To begin with, football bettors interested in this way of gambling will need a crypto wallet to use. This is a wallet which stores the essential keys needed to make sports betting deposits and withdrawals with your coins. Luckily, there are some well-known and safe crypto wallets to sign up with around now and the best make this a very easy process.

Once you have sorted this out, you will next need to purchase some coins to bet on football with. The best place to do this for most is via a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. These online platforms make it very simple to purchase crypto to bet on sports like football with.

Choose where to bet wisely

After you have found a good crypto wallet and purchased some coins, it is then a case of choosing a crypto betting site to register with.

As with normal online sportsbooks, it is key to find a site which has a positive reputation in the industry. You should also look for crypto betting platforms which offer strong security features, excellent customer support and a wide range of football markets, events and games to bet on.

As noted above, there are currently two kinds of cryptocurrency betting platforms to choose from. Hybrid sites — which support fiat and crypto betting — may either allow you deposit coins to gamble with directly or convert the coins you deposit into a fiat currency for a fee. Pure crypto betting sites are dedicated to this type of wagering only and can be the better choice for crypto football bettors as a result.

Find your game and market to start betting

Once you have a crypto wallet, some coins to bet with and a crypto betting site to wager on, you are ready to dive in. The good news is that betting on football with digital coins is much the same as gambling on games with fiat currencies.

Most crypto betting sites for example will carry a range of familiar markets to choose from such as over/under, win, both teams to score and draw no bet. You should also find all the top leagues, games and international competitions to wager on at crypto betting platforms. This is a real bonus if you access the best football tips each day and need a good selection of games and markets to use them on.

If you make the right call and your bet wins, you can simply withdraw your profits to your linked crypto wallet.

Why bet on football with cryptocurrencies?

We have already mentioned that betting on football with crypto includes some fabulous benefits, but the ones most punters will value include:

  • Low transaction fees
  • Ultra-high levels of security
  • Superb privacy and anonymity
  • Ultra-fast payouts and transactions

As you can see from the above, betting on the sport with coins like Tether offers some very attractive advantages. These are not features which betting on the game with fiat currencies or sportsbooks can offer.

Crypto-based football betting: An overview

2024 is set to be another huge year for the global sports betting sector and this is certainly true for football wagering. One interesting development which could really take off is using cryptocurrencies to bet on football. If you fancy giving it a go but need to know more about it first, our guide should help.



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