Scoring the Best Seats: Your Guide to Buying EFL Tickets

Hello EFL fans, no doubt you are buzzing to dive into the electric atmosphere of an English Football League (EFL) clash between your favourite team and whoever they’re beating next.

We know that watching the game at-home isn’t always enough, and that you can’t beat being part of the chanting crowd. So, we have put together this guide to help you navigate the world of EFL ticket sales. Die-hard fan or football newbie, we have you covered!

EFL Ticketing Explained

An Overview of EFL Tiers & Teams

The English Football League (EFL) heartbeat lies in its structured tiers, most notably the Championship, League One, and League Two. Each tier is brimming with talent, rivalry, and unforgettable matches.

Within the EFL, iconic clubs like Leeds United, Leicester City and Sunderland, coexist alongside ambitious challengers like Hull City and Ipswich Town. Each team brings to the table a rich heritage and unwavering aspirations, creating some incredibly exciting matches.

Made up of 72 phenomenal teams, the EFL encapsulates the essence of English football, where each club relentlessly pursues victories, striving to be promoted each season. This collective quest for success forms the backbone of the EFL’s appeal, making the Championship, League 1, and League 2 three of the most competitive leagues in the world. For this reason, tickets aren’t always easy to come by.

Ticket Availability & Seasonal Trends

Ticket availability for English football matches fluctuates based on seasonal trends and various other influencing factors. The fixture schedule plays a key role, especially for highly sought after matches like local derbies or clashes between traditional rivals (e.g. Sunderland and Middlesbrough). Tickets for these games are in high demand and tend to sell out quickly.

Team performance also significantly impacts ticket availability. When a team is performing exceptionally well or is in the midst of a promotion battle, ticket demand tends to soar as fans clamour to be part of the excitement and success.

Throughout the season, the timing also matters. The beginning of the season typically sees a surge in ticket demand as fans are particularly eager to attend matches. Towards the end of the season, particularly during crucial matches that may determine promotion or relegation, securing tickets once again becomes increasingly challenging.

On top of this, club policies and memberships further influence ticket availability, with some clubs offering priority access to tickets through memberships or season ticket holders. 

One ticket resellers are a great alternative route for acquiring tickets when official sales have ended or sold out. They typically offer competitive pricing and access to exclusive deals that are not available elsewhere. 

Where to Buy the Best EFL Tickets

To secure the best tickets for EFL matches, you may need to explore a few different avenues to find the provider that meets your preferences and needs. Understanding the options that are available can greatly increase your chances of obtaining sought-after seats for your favourite team’s games.

Official Channels vs. Resellers

When looking to buy football tickets, fans have the choice between official channels and resellers. Official channels offer primary access to tickets directly from the clubs, providing authenticity and reliability. However, resellers can be a valuable alternative. Resellers can provide a wider selection of tickets, including for sold-out events, catering to fans who missed out on primary sales or seek specific seating preferences.

Membership & Loyalty Programs

Many clubs offer membership and loyalty programs that grant priority access to tickets before they go on general sale. These programs typically come with exclusive benefits such as early ticket release dates or discounted prices, improving the chances of securing tickets for high-demand matches. 

Fan Forums & Social Media

Fan forums and social media platforms can be treasure troves for acquiring EFL tickets. Fans often exchange or sell spare tickets within these communities, offering a chance to obtain tickets that might not be available through official channels. Engaging with fellow supporters on these platforms might lead to opportunities to purchase or swap tickets. 

When buying tickets through fan forums or social media, ensure authenticity by verifying tickets, always use secure payment methods, and prioritise safety by meeting in public locations.

Ticket Resellers & Marketplaces

Ticket resellers and marketplaces offer an easy way to access a wide range of EFL tickets, including sold-out matches or specific seating choices. These platforms reliably provide authentic tickets, ensuring a secure and hassle-free buying process for fans.

Top Tips to Find The Best Tickets

While luck often plays a role in securing sought-after tickets, there are proactive steps fans can take to increase their chances of success.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Allow plenty of time to secure tickets for high-demand games. Follow your team’s official social media pages to keep informed with ticket release dates—and don’t forget to set yourself a reminder! If you’re unable to find tickets beforehand, consider exploring last-minute fan forums (while being aware of potential risks) or certified reseller sites for last-minute opportunities.

Group Bookings + Family Tickets

Clubs frequently roll out enticing deals for group bookings, allowing a collective purchase for a designated number of tickets, thereby ensuring that a larger group of fans can enjoy the match together. 

Family ticket packages present the same benefits as group bookings, offering special deals whereby you can purchase multiple tickets at reduced rates.

Planning for Away Games

For a potentially less competitive ticket situation, explore away games. Plan logistics in advance, including transportation and accommodations, for a smooth experience. Away games can offer a different atmosphere and increased chances of securing tickets.

Making the Most of The Day

Once you’ve secured your tickets, it’s time to prepare for the match itself. Ensuring your trip is thoroughly planned will enhance your match-day experience—here are some of our top tips. 

Select The Right Seats

Choosing the right seats can significantly enhance your match day experience. Consider factors such as the view, proximity to amenities like food stalls or restrooms, and the atmosphere within the stadium. Whether you prefer the energy of the crowd near the pitch or a panoramic view from higher tiers, selecting the right seats will really boost your enjoyment of the game.

Scout the Pre & Post-Match Activities

Exploring pre and post-match activities can add depth to your match day experience. Many stadiums offer fan zones, entertainment, and food options before kick-off, creating a lively atmosphere leading up to the game. Similarly, exploring nearby pubs or attractions post-match can be a great way to extend the football experience and interact with fellow fans.

Think About Travel & Accommodation

Planning travel and accommodation in advance is crucial for a stress-free match day experience, especially for away games. Consider the logistics of reaching the stadium, whether by public transport or car, and plan accommodation if needed. Arriving early can allow time to soak in the match day atmosphere and minimise any travel-related stress.


Attending an EFL match isn’t just about the game; it’s about immersing yourself in football culture. Whether you’re a passionate fan or new to the excitement, EFL match days are filled with unforgettable moments. 

Securing tickets isn’t always easy, but by understanding ticket availability, seasonal trends, and diverse purchasing options, you’re guaranteed a better shot. To boost your chances, plan ahead for high-demand games, explore alternative avenues for securing tickets (such as certified resellers), and make the most of membership programmes available. 


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