Birmingham City Investor Starts To Flex Muscle With Two New Hires On Club Staff

In one of the first signs of being more actively involved in the playing squad, Tom Brady has moved two of his staff into the Birmingham City staff. The two fitness experts will work alongside the Blues coaches and pass on invaluable advice.

Brady, who invested in the club at the start of the season, was always keen on the science of sport, and how important nutrition can be on health and fitness. After all his longevity in the National Football League didn’t come by chance.

His visit this past weekend saw him take in the game against Rotherham United. Another somewhat disappointing result, a goalless draw that saw the boo-boys come out in force. Brady will have to adjust to that after so many years being a winner, the fortunes of City have taken a downturn since the club introduced Wayne Rooney as manager.

But the seven-time Super Bowl winner will hope that two of his team from TBRx will bring results. Peter Cummings and Rob Brennan are the two men charged with raising levels and focus, and by working with the coaches already in place, a new dynamic will be created.

As reported by Birmingham Live, it was the club’s technical director, Craig Gardner, who said. “Peter Cummings and Rob are two body coaches that have come over from TBRx. They have been here for about three weeks.

“They are writing a philosophy from scratch on how they want it to work. We’ve had a nutritionist come in that works the way Tom Brady wants to work. We are getting a very good reaction from the players.”

Peter Cummings helped establish TBRx, with Alex Guerrero, who was Brady’s body coach for many years.

City CEO Garry Cook explained further. “The greatest athletes in the world, there is something a little different about them. The ones who are world champions are slightly different. Tom Brady is like that. He has this myopic focus, this unnerving focus about recovery, nutrition, the body, athletes, how they perform, why they perform and when they perform.

“Craig (Gardner) has embraced that. He’s brought some body coaches over from America and they are now working with the physios and sports science team. There’s a new way of thinking. It doesn’t mean to say it works, or it’s wrong, or it’s right. What it is, is change. If you’re willing to change it might work, it might make us better.”

Writer’s View

This kind of change will take time to see real positive results. The way the two sports are played and recovered from are different. The main focus though will be on how, as a team, they can work together to become fitter, and make each individual more responsible for themselves. The culture change at Birmingham City is one of adjustment. But in a results-driven business, Rooney will hope time is on his side during this transition.


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